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      pupils classes

      Both Bloomfield School and Dudley Port School provide a nurturing, pupil centred approach where staff are committed to helping and securing positive outcomes for all. We are passionate about education but most of all we are committed to each individual pupil, to their safety, their welfare and personal development.

      Our schools will have their own dedicated web pages in the near future.?? For further information about any of our schools, please contact the relevant school directly.? ?We look forward to hearing from you.

      • Specialise in working with pupils with a range of challenges and difficulties
      • Provide specialist support for pupils with social, emotional and mental health difficulties
      • Provide a safe learning environment
      • Provide personalised programmes of learning, which include a range of qualifications
      • Engage and develop pupils through their personal strengths and interests
      • Maintain effective links with families and the community
      • Work effectively with a range of professionals to support pupils
      • Have high expectations and aspirations, which support pupils to succeed

      Bloomfield School Head Teacher: Lisa Gulley (acting)

      Bloomfield Road, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 9ER

      0121 520 9408

      Dudley Port Head Teacher: Daryl Hill (Dudley Port)

      Dudley Port Training Centre, Station Drive, Tipton, West Midlands, DY4 7QR.

      0121 557 7544

      To make an enquiry please contact the referrals team on 01543 460 200


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