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      You are key to our success in the fight against coronavirus

      You are key to our success in the fight against coronavirus!

      Our dedicated and talented teams are currently working around the clock to continue to look after our young people and children, but they need your help.

      So, we are looking for caring, compassionate people who are willing to become one of the nation’s key workers and make a difference to those in our homes, schools and transitional services.

      Please don’t delay if you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you right now.

      We have a range of permanent and bank roles across the country available with flexible terms. You can join us now and become one of the nation’s Key Workers in the Horizon team.

      Full training and induction are provided, and no experience is needed … just a compassionate and caring outlook and a willingness to learn. We have great career progression opportunities and offer access to relevant qualifications.

      Don’t hesitate – contact us NOW.

      Number ?????????????01543 570304

      Email address??? Recruitment@horizoncare.co.uk