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      Cressey College has become part of the Horizon Group

      Cressey College has become part of the Horizon Group, strengthening the breadth, scope and quality of our Education Services.

      Horizon is pleased to announce that Cressey College has become part of Horizon Group. This acquisition represents a significant investment in our Education Services division, doubling the number of pupil placements across 14 school sites and expanding our education offer through off-site learning and the Horizon Education Alternative Learning (HEAL) programmes. ?Cressey College operates across South London and expands the geographical reach of Horizon’s education provision, enabling further growth within the Group’s existing South East region.

      Cressey College will operate within the Education Services division of Horizon, led by Louise De-Hayes. Day to day running of the school will continue to be overseen by Adrienne Cherrywood and her senior leadership team, providing continuity and consistency for all pupils.

      In a joint statement, Horizon Chief Executive Paul Callander and Cressey College Head Teacher, Adrienne Cherrywood, said:?“We are delighted to announce that Cressey College has become part of the Horizon Group. The services provided by Cressey College and Horizon are complementary; offering the Group the opportunity to extend the range of our education services and pathway services currently provided, which supports young people aged from 5 to 25 years. The partnership will enable Cressey to continue to invest in the school and their staff team to support the quality of education offered.”

      For further information about Cressey College please visit their website at www.cresseycollege.co.uk